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Pure Himalaya salt – coarse and fine rock salt

Himalaya salt is the most valued type of salt in the world with a strong alkali influence, it improves food absorption and digestion and eliminates toxins.

Unlike refined table salt, it is metabolized much faster and does not elevate sodium and potassium levels in the blood, which means it does not cause high blood pressure.

It contains minerals: magnesium, potassium, copper, iron etc., around 84 microelements, giving it the highest quality, best colour and the purest taste. Himalaya salt taste is subtle and gentle, it gives a refined layered taste to food and it is not bitter as the white salt.



Himalaya salt colour ranges from white to light pink, pink and red and it comes from the mineral deposit enabling you to take the natural sources of essential elements in your daily diet.
Enriched with iodine, a necessary nutrient in the human diet. Even though small quantities are necessary, it is very important because it constitutes a part of thyroid hormones which are important for the metabolic status and normal growth and development of children.

Himalaya salt can also be used for taking a bath, it is recommended for all those who are interested in healing the body and relaxing the mind with natural products. Minerals are easily absorbed through therapeutic baths providing a better mineral balance of the entire body.

Pure Himalaya salt

• the purest and the healthiest salt
• contains about 84 microelements necessary for the proper cell metabolism
• contributes to the improvement of general energy levels in the body
• enhances the taste of food

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