Vaši lični podaci će se koristiti za podržavanje vašeg iskustva na ovoj veb stranici, za upravljanje pristupom vašem nalogu, kao i za druge svrhe opisane na našoj stranici politika privatnosti.

Contract manufacturing and private label

Private Label manufacturing is a raising trend among manufacturers of all fields worldwide, and a necessity to maintain competence on the international markets.

As Esensa we provide PL ( Private Label) service, as well as the Contract Manufacturing on demand, where we develop new products and formulations by a wish of a client.

We feel this is important part of our future identity, and we welcome you to join in and try with us.

So far we have partners in around 20 countries around the world and our network continues to grow daily. We export to EU, Hong Kong, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and many others.

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