The use of medicinal plants goes back to ancient times. Mankind has tested a variety of herbs, by distinguishing different kinds and experiencing their properties. In this way they gathered precious information about their treatment potential and benefits. Ethnobotanical traditions were formed all over the world, and they were transferred from one generation to another. Nature itself, remains one of the most powerful research labs, with endless, sophisticated and delicate chemical processes performed. Plants and their constituents are a unique source of compounds that are provided in mixtures with extremely precise ratios. The compounds are generated and available in natural form, bound in organic complexes, and thus accepted and absorbed by the human body without resistance or adverse effects.

The latest scientific studies have validated our ancestors’ herbal prescriptions, that had been providing cures for centuries, as precious knowledge that cannot be ignored in modern disease prevention and treatment. People live long, stressful lives, exposed to a number of risk factors. This leads to the occurrence of severe health disturbances and so dietary supplements have become a must in everyday life.

In a way considered unfashionable and forgotten, precious phytomedicinal knowledge, preserved in the oasis of nature, inspired our experienced team of ESENSA experts, to incorporate them in brilliant Herbal medicinal products, combining the latest in scientific achievements in pharmaceutics, medicine and modern technology. This is all done to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction.

ESENSA manufacturing principles and philosophy support the lately renewed paradigm of achieving well-being through living out life according to the code of conduct „in balance with nature”. A „Close to nature” relationship, with highly expressed trustworthiness towards nature’s beneficial properties, is the key note in the attention that human body should get. Dedicated to research, looking for plants, obtaining and preserving the purest medicinal extracts while respecting traditional phytomedicinal sources, we share love and optimism. It is well known that it is very hard to derive desired compounds from medicinal plants. Tons of herbal mass are used in the long lasting process of extraction until the final product is obtained. That is part of what makes herbal extracts precious.

The high quality of ESENSA Herbal products is obtained by having the results of the worldwide research, as well as new technologies applied. It is due to the careful choice of medicinal plants, botanical traditional secrets and extraction processes, providing the highest-performing extracts in order to deliver maximal benefit to the human body.