About Esensa

ESENSA is a company which produces dietary supplements, medical devices and cosmetics. It was founded in 2002 as a production department within FARMALOGIST, and as of 2007 has been operating under the name of ESENSA d.o.o. and is in a 100% private ownership.


  • Pavle balm is the best way to improve respiratory mobility of your children. Warm recommendation.

  • Beogradski melem /Belgrade balm/ – universal balm for care and regeneration of the skin which I discovered a month and a half ago and I am thrilled with it! Since then I have no more problems with cracked lips. However, this product is not only for the care of lips but also for the care of cuticles, eczema, chapped skin, allergies and sores. This is a multipurpose product and everyone should have one in their home pharmacy and always at hand.

  • After using countless products for the elimination of herpes simplex (various ointments, stickers…) in my opinion Propobaza bioactive gel with prolonged effects is an excellent product that has finally solved the problem.

  • Some time ago I had the opportunity to try your Himalaya rock salt and I was thrilled with it in everyday diet but also in the baths. All praise again and all the best!

  • Salvi Pantene lozenges for throat – I really love them and carry them everywhere. They are milder than other septolete and lozenges which I had tried and I use them when I have a sore throat as well as when I`m healthy as a precaution for maintaining oral hygiene. Praise!

  • BURЯA Micellar lotion is a really pleasant surprise and so much better than the similar products in the same price range and even the packaging is of extraordinary design. It is very efficient in removing impurities and makeup from the face while it does not tighten or irritate my sensitive face skin.

  • I am not the type of person who likes to experiment a lot with the care products, but I haven’t experienced in a long time to try a new product on the market and to be very satisfied with the same. For persons experiencing problems with wrinkles, dehydration and sagging breast you should try BURЯA volume up cream for the neck, cleavage and breasts.

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