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About us

About us

ESENSA is a company that produces dietary supplements, medical devices and general use products  Including cosmetics and biocides.. It was founded in 2002 as a production department within FARMALOGIST, and as of 2007 has been operating under the name of ESENSA d.o.o. and is 100% privately owned. In 2009 ESENSA d.o.o obtained the permit to manufacture medical devices. In 2011 it acquired a permit to distribute pharmacetucals, medicine and raw materials, as well as the permit to produce magistral and galenic formulas in original packaging.

Our vision, mission and strategy are defined by assuring the quality of our product as well as good management. We see this as the true formula for attaining our goals as a company.

The mission of ESENSA is to satisfy our user demand, exceed their expectations thanks to the quality of our products , establish timely communication and to constantly reinforce our market share on the domestic and foreign market, as a brand of trust.

The vision of Esensa is to be a region leader in safe and user friendly products for its customers, and stand above its competitors in service and quality.

The range of over 200 products is supported by new professional findings while taking in consideration the needs of users. Esensa’s products are unique formulations created as a result of its own development, based on knowledge and experience, in combination with already proven technologies.

Product quality, trust and satisfaction of both our customers and business partners are our definitions of success. It is our wish to become market leaders, primarily in the best interest of consumers.

Esensa d.o.o. has certified management systems in accordance with international ISO standards by the certification body SGS for the quality management system according to the requirements ISO 9001, SGS Certificate No. CH08/0344 for the development, production and sale of medical devices, consumer goods (cosmetics and biocides), dietary products, salts and additives; for food safety management system ISO 22000 SGS Certificate No. RS19/0025 for the development and production of dietary products, salts and additives; at the certification body SIQ for the quality management system of medical devices ISO 13485 SIQ Certificate No. M-220 for the development, manufacturing, storage and distribution of non-invasive medical devices for topical use, patches, isothermal blankets, invasive medical devices for use in the nasal and oral cavity, auditory canal and intimate area; for the procurement and distribution of sterile isotonic and hypertonic solutions, isotonic and hypertonic spray solutions, oral powders and drops, spray powders, condoms, adhesive tapes/patches. Some of our products from the category of medical devices such as Marisol, have the CE mark and are exported to the EU market. Also, Esensa has a certificate confirming that it has implemented and applies the Good Manufacturing Practice system in accordance with the requirements of the international regulation EudraLex Volume IV EU Guidelines to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for the development and production of dietary products in solid form (tablets, capsules, powders), dietary products in liquid form, medical devices, consumer goods (cosmetics and biocides), salts and additives.

Esensa’s brand Marisol has received the prestigious award “Best of Serbia in 2011“.


The most prominent ESENSA brands are:


The products from Esensa’s range are sold and distributed in the markets of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Azerbaijan and Hong Kong.

Esensa is a contract manufacturer for companies from Singapore, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Russia,Ukraine, Latvia and Albania.

Our production capacities include the following forms:

solid forms (tablets, capsules)

semisolid forms (ointments, creams, gels)

liquid forms (syrups, solutions)

ESENSA has 162 employees, Of which 62 possess  university education – pharmacists, physicians, technologists.


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