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Alkoseptol 70 solution is ethyl alcohol – ethanol, at a concentration of 60-80% and is a powerful antimicrobial agent that inactivates viruses, bacteria and fungi. The mechanism of its action is protein denaturation, which is most easily achieved at an alcohol concentration of 70% because water contributes to this process. Ethanol is used in the disinfection of surfaces as well as skin, wounds and objects.

Alkoseptol 70 contains 70% ethanol and 30% distilled water, it is laboratory tested and registered as a biocide.

  • alcohol
  • purified water

Ethanol acts on microorganisms by denaturing proteins and allows rapid disinfection of skin, wounds and objects.

It is recommended:

  • for the disinfection of skin, wounds and objects
  • as part of a home or travel pharmacy
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