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Touch Standard oils 1L

Indulge in relaxation and pleasure with all your senses using Touch Standard massage oils – lavender, rosemary, orange and rose.

Touch Standard collection is made up of mixtures of mineral and plant oils in 1 litre packages suitable for use in massage parlors, spa and wellness centres.


Massage oil – lavender relaxes the muscles and has calming effect on the nervous system. It isstandard used as a natural relaxant for persons under stress. The lavender helps against insomnia and provides a feeling of relaxation, which is crucial for quality sleep. An ideal oil for relax massage that will help you get rid of tension and stress.

Massage oil – rosemary alleviates pain, tension and spasms in muscles, stimulates the operation of the lymphatic system and stimulates exchange of matter in tissues.

Massage oil – orange is intended for everyday relaxation. Its use after a hard working day has a refreshing effect, reduces fatigue, removes tension and returns lost energy and strength.

Massage oil – rose is used to evoke positive feelings and renew energy. With its beneficial action, it relaxes the nerves, improves mood, reduces stress, tension and fatigue. It provides perfect tonus to the skin, returns sensuality to it, performs detoxification and slows the ageing processes.


Touch Standard oils are recommended for all types of massage: relax, anti-stress, detox, as well as before shiatsu massage and foot reflexotherapy.

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