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Tea Tree Balance Intim Gel

Tea Tree Balance Intim Gel contains tea tree oil, thymol and panthenol as important ingredients. Tea tree oil performs significant antiinflammatory, antimicrobial and epithelizing action.

The tea tree’s immunostimulative effect provides  natural vaginal flora balance , and natural vaginal acidity, that protects it from occurence of bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

Thymol provides antimicrobial properties, and it helps resorption of tea tree active ingredients into the inflammated tissue.

Panthenol regenerates irritated and damaged mucosa and it keeps its natural humidity. Bioadhesive gel excipiens has an epithelizing effect and it provides continous, step by step gel’s active ingredients release.

  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Panthenol
  • Thymol

When applied to intimate area, Tea Tree Balance Gel coveres mucosa, provides its regeneration and relieves all the disturbances that occure because of inflammation and infection: itching, stinging, dryeness, redness, unpleasant odour.

Tea tree balance intim gel is recommended for man and children, as well as for woman.

It is recommended:

  • As a  product that additionaly helps treatment of vaginal mucosa inflammation ( fungal, bacterial, viral)
  • at infections that are followed by increased vaginal discharge
  • as prophylaxis, at persons that are prone to vaginal area infections
  • as prophylaxis, at persons that are undergoing antibiotic therapy
  • as regular intimate hygiene, providing natural vaginal flora balance
  • at diabetics
  • to provide regeneration of the vaginal and cervical mucosa, if it is damaged due to different    degenerative processes or radiation therapy
  • at surfacial wounds (cuts, burns, scratches), acne, herpes simplex
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