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Shape up L Carnitine 500

Is the intake of l-Carnitine important and what is the role of l-Carnitine?
In the case of the l-Carnitine defficiency in human body, fat can not be easily transformed to energy, thus its deposition in the fat tissue under the skin is significantly increased. Besides the fat tissue deposition, the lack of l-Carnitine is followed by fatigue.
While performing sport activities, the human body energy level is increased as well as endurance capacity, so human body is up to additional exercising efforts. Human body is adjusted to use fats as the main energy source, thus saving glycogen, followed by decrease in lactic acid deposition in the muscles; at the same time having enhanced and prolonged exercising capacity prior the occurence of fatigue.
L-carnitine increases the tone of cardiac muscle, as well as heart performance, it provides better energy supplies for the heart and it improves the cardio-vascular system function.
L-carnitine stimulates pancreas secretion and it performs positive influence on the spermatogenesis and the sperm motility.



One capsule contains l- Carnitine-l tartaras 500mg.

Take 1 capsule 20-30 minutes before training and 1 capsule more just before training for both athletes and people who exercise.

If it should be taken as slimming assistance, 1 capsule taken orally is recomended 60-90 minutes after the meal. Treatment break is suggested after one month.

It is recommended:

For professional athletes in order to improve their physical capacity and to enchance the recovery process of their body after having been exposed to excessive physical stress during training.
For people who exercise in order to improve their energy capacity and to enchance fat burning process
For persons who want to slim, as l-Carnitine decreases fat deposits, having at the same time muscles protected, while using the fat deposits as energy source.
For persons with heart muscle weakness.

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