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Protect Melatonin Melatosan tablets

Melatosan tablets are used as an aid with insomnia, fragmented sleep and sleep disorders caused by sudden time zone changes (“Jet lag”).

Melatonin regulates the internal clock which controls natural sleep-wake cycles, makes the time necessary to fall asleep shorter and affects the flow, quality and sleep duration.

Melatonin synthesis and secretion decrease with age. Therefore, supplements are recommended for older people as well, so the sleep-wake 

1 tablet contains: 1mg of melatonin melatosan



Melatonin is a pituitary gland hormone ensuring normal sleep rhythm.

Melatonin synthesis and secretion peak during the night while the synthesis is inhibited with exposure to daylight. In addition to its role in sleep regulation, melatonin regulates the secretion of the growth and gonadotropin hormones as well, and has an antioxidant effect.

Helps with:

• insomnia and fragmented sleep
• persons changing time zones

How is it used?

Once a day, right before going to bed, place a tablet under the tongue and leave it to dissolve.

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