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Protect® Marshmallow

Protect® Marshmallow is product that contains Dry Marshmallow Extract (Althae Officinalis Extractum Siccum); that is plant with high content of mucus, Marshmallow mucus coats throat mucosa, forming protective film over it. Mucosa, coated in this way, is protected from irritations. 


Althaea Radix Extractum Siccum

Protect® Marshmallow is formulated in the form of lozenges, characterized with pleasant taste, dissolving in the mouth immediately, providing its effects immediately.

This product is sugar-free and it does not cause dental caries.

It is recommended:

  • To suppress dry cough
  • At rough voice
  • At persons that excesivelly use vocal cords (lecturers, speakers..)
  • for smokers
  • at digestive tract inflammation; especially rectum inflammation
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