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Gumedici (Gummy bears)

Protect kids Gumedići are very soft vitamin-rich candy for children, shaped as teddy bears. They have a pleasant milky and fruit flavour of lemon, orange, raspberry and strawberry, which children like.
They contain a carefully balanced ratio of vitamins and minerals, which are especially important for proper growth and development of children. They protect from free radicals and are also recommended for convalescence periods after viruses and colds. There are three different formulations of this product, which strengthen the children’s immune system and provide the necessary resistance to infections.


They do not contain:

• gelatine
• artificial colours.


Protect kids Gumedići for PROPER GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT of children with added vitamins A, C, D, E, B complex and minerals
– satisfy the daily need for vitamins and minerals and also improve appetite
– contribute to proper functioning of the immune system
– with natural lemon, orange, raspberry and strawberry flavour

Protect kids Gumedići for PROPER GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT of BONES with added calcium and vitamin D
– contribute to stronger bones and healthy teeth
– for conditions of reduced intake or increased needs for calcium intake
– with a natural milky flavour and fruit – strawberry flavour

Protect kids Gumedići for a STRONGER IMMUNE SYSTEM with added vitamin C
– improve the body’s resistance to colds and during infections
– protect the body from harmful effects of free radicals
– natural orange flavour

Dosage and preparation method: Children over the age of 3: 1 soft candy 3 times a day.
Packaging: 60 soft teddy-bear-shaped vitamin candy

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