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Cimisens Cinnamon tablets

Protect Cimisens Cinnamon is dietary supplement that contains cinnamon (Cinnamomi Cortex) as its ingredient. After having its positive effect on blood sugar regulation proved, cinnamon has not been only recognized as a precious spice, but as a precious supplement that has its role in lowering and control of blood sugar.


cinnamon powder (cinnamomi pulvis) 360 mg

Protect® cinnamon tablets can help effectively treatment of Gastric Ulcer, caused by Helicobacter Pylori , as well as they can help in the case of other digestive tract inflammatory processes.



It is recommended:

  • As a supplement that can help blood sugar regulation
  • At indigestion, bloating, colics, pressure-gas
  • As a supplement that helps Helicobacter pylori eradication treatment
  • As a supplement that helps in digestive tract inflammatory process treatment
  • As a supplement that helps blood cholesterol and triglicerides regulation
  • as an anti-inflammatory agent at muscle and joints discomforts
  • For cold and flu relief
  • At poor hands and feet circulation
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