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Propomel C Lozenges

Propomel C lozenges contain propolis extract and vitamin C. Propolis performs the best cold and flu protection, it prevents infections occurence nevertheless they are caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites, it calms mouth mucosa and upper respiratory passageways inflammation and it helps feel better at general weakness conditon.

Vitamin C, as the precious natural antioxidant acts sinergistically with propolis in human body cell protection from free radical action, as well as in making human body cells aging process slower; they also boost human body immune response.

  • Propolis
  • Vitamin C

Propomel C lozenges are sugar free and artificial sweetener free.

Orange flavor provides lozenge’s pleasant taste.


It is recommended:

  • to boost immune system
  • at cold and flu
  • at gums inflammation
  • at mouth mucosa and at upper respiratory passageways mucosa inflammation
  • when being exhausted, with low energy
  • at after-ilness recovery phase
  • for healthy persons, as prophylaxis at cold and flu season

Instruction for Propomel C Lozenges

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