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Propomint honey and lemon pastilles

Propomint honey and lemon pastilles are formulated on the basis of propolis extract standardized to 10% of flavonoid galangin, thus achieving an optimum effect of the applied principle. Propolis contains high concentration of flavonoids and thanks to them, it represents a natural protection against harmful effect of free radicals and infections of all types, whether they are caused by bacterium, virus or fungus.

Propomint honey and lemon pastilles are enriched with aromas of lemon, menthol and honey. They are recommended for application with cold, hoarseness, inflamed and painful gums.

  • dry extract of propolis (standardized to 10% of flavonoid galangin)
  • steviol glycosides
  • lemon aroma
  • menthol aroma

Standardized extract of propolis, which is contained in pastilles, fully expresses all positive effects of this bee product on the human body. As it is rich in medicinal ingredients, it represents natural protection against harmful effects of free radicals and infections of all types, whether they are caused by bacteria, virus or fungus. For the purpose of strengthening the entire immune system, it is the best nature can offer, which is supported by clinical trials proving for several particular antibiotics to be more effective when taken with propolis than when applied alone. Propolis can be a potential allergen, but by using standardized extracts, the possibility of allergic reactions is minimized.

Stevia is the only natural sugar substitute. This is an extract of the plant Stevia rebaudiana, it is safer than other sweeteners and has no side effects on the body.

Propomint honey and lemon are recommended for:

  • cold and hoarseness
  • inflamed and painful gums
  • in order to neutralize bad breath
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