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Pavle Paxi easy breathing balm

Pavle Paxi is a combination of essential oils from conifers and Mediterranean herbs in a lipophilic base which is applied locally on the chest upon first signs of cold. Evaporation of fresh myrtle, fir and pine aromas have an anti-infective action and alleviate the upper respiratory tract conditions.

Pavle Paxi is a completely natural and safe product intended primarily for children. Does not contain menthol or camphor. Its use is also recommended for the “jet lag” condition in children, when the sleep pattern is disturbed due to the change of time zone.




Essential oils from myrtle, fir and pine, in the concentration lower than 1%

The balm is applied to the skin on the chest and back, where it forms a thin layer which has soothing action on the bronchial mucosa and sore throat. Active herbal substances penetrate the skin, locally increase the circulation and assist draining of deposited secretion. Its use is particularly recommended before sleep.

Pavle Paxi helps in the following situations:

  • first signs of cold
  • shortness of breath, nasal congestion and expectoration
  • muscular pains occurring as a consequence of seasonal flu

Instruction of use Pavle Paxi easy breathing balm

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