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Migrebol gel

Migrebol gel contains essential oils of mint, lavender, eucalyptus and evergreen in a gel base.

With the help of these carefully selected ingredients, improves circulation, reduces muscle tension and contributes to alleviating the burden on the application site. Simple application allows you to significantly relief from headaches and sinus problems.

It is extremely effective in eliminating the migraine with headaches caused by premenstrual syndrome.

Thanks to its composition, the local application Migrebol gel relieves the painful area pleasant and refreshing scent, but also has aromatherapy effect.

Migrebol gel is in a package with a special applicator in the form of a ball, for easy and comfortable application.

  • essential oils of mint
  • lavender
  • eucalyptus
  • evergreen

• facilitates efficient symptoms of headaches and sinus problems
• has a soothing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic
• reduces muscle tension neck and back
• Easy application, contributes to a pleasant feeling of cooling

Circular movements and light roll-on ball, massaging the painful preparation site (forehead, temples …) if necessary, several times during the day.

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