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Imunobeta glucane elixir

Immunoβeta β-glucan elixir in its composition contains beta-D-glucan isolated from oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus), zinc and vitamin C.

This combination of ingredients contributes to the enhancement of immune response and  defense response to viruses, bacteria, fungi and toxins that pose a threat to the health of the body.

It is recommended in conditions of impaired immunity, in frequent respiratory tract infections and chronic inflammation, it has a beneficial effect on reducing total and LDL-cholesterol levels and normalizing glycemia. It can also be used to prevent impaired immunity.

Comfortable dosing and good taste enable the administration of Immunoβeta β-glucan elixir to children older than 1 year of age with the advice of a physician.

  • beta-D-glucan isolated from oyster mushroom
  • zinc (in the form of zinc gluconate)
  • vitamin C

Beta glucan is a natural polysaccharide, from the group of so-called “immune response modifiers”.

The modified response supports immunomodulation by preventing excessive inflammation and autoimmune response. Beta glucan stimulates the assembly of immune stem cells within the bone marrow, which is very important for people undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.

Macrophages (immune cells) represent the first line of defense of the body against all pathogens because they have the ability to recognize and eliminate foreign bodies. Beta glucan stimulates the immune system by activating macrophages.

It is also useful after surgical interventions as an adjunct to antibiotic therapy and for faster wound healing.

Zinc is used in the prevention of colds and flu as well as in chronic infections because it boosts the immune system and plays an important antioxidant role. Zinc is also good at combating depression, it improves skin condition, encourages sexual desire and helps to heal wounds faster. In Immunoβeta β-glucan elixir, zinc is in the form of zinc gluconate, which enables good absorption and high bioavailability of zinc in the body, and thus has a strong effect on human health.

Vitamin C is the most important hydrosoluble antioxidant and a powerful reducing agent. It contributes to the proper function of the immune system, protecting cells from oxidative stress, as well as reducing fatigue and exhaustion.

It is recommended:

  • for the protection of the body from infections
  • for the reduction of cholesterol in the blood
  • for the reduction of stress
  • for higher synthesis of antibodies
  • for wound healing
  • for the burns from radiation
  • it helps persons who suffer from diabetes
  • for the reduction for the intensity and duration of allergic reactions, as well as sensitivity to allergens
  • in recovery after illness
  • for frequent virus and bacterial infections, stress and irregular diet
  • for reduction of total cholesterol, LDL and serum triglycerides
  • as a very potent antioxidant

Instruction for Imunobeta glucane syrup

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