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Hemostop® Intim Gel

Hemostop® Intim Gel is recommended for treatment of internal and external hemorrhoids, as well as for anal fissure treatment.

Hemostop® performs antiinflammatory action, it decreases bleeding and it enhances regeneration of mucosa.

Due to gel’s bioadhesive properties, product’s prolonged action at the spot of application is obtained, as well as continual release of active ingredients.




  • Nettle extract
  • marigold extract
  • marigold oil
  • horse-chestnut extract
  • white willow bark extract 
  • mentha pipperita oil

Mechanisam of action:

Active ingredients, that are constituents of chestnut and nettle extracts improve strength of blood vesells’ walls , they increase their elasticity, thus decreasing risk from their rupture.

Marigold oil (Olei Calendulae) Performs anti-inflammatory action and it provides regeneration of mucosa of anal area.

Mint’s essential oil and Willow Bark’s Aethanolic extact have antiseptic properties , while decreasing difficulties and performing pleasant cooling sensation.

It is recommended:

  • At internal and external hemorrhoids
  • At anal fissure treatment
  • For regeneration of mucosa
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