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Gavebol Gavez gel 100ML

Gavebol Gavez gel is a formulation that contains 30% of the root extract of comfrey. It is used for stretching, dislocation and various types of injuries.

Comfrey herb has a reputation as an effective anti-inflammatory agent, so the gel has also been used for bruises and after insect bites.

Botanists are constantly pointing out the extraordinary power of comfrey to accelerate bones to grow together, which is why Gavez gel is widely used after bone fractures.

  • 30% comfrey root extract

The gel is formulated in such way so that the preparation is easily applied and the active substances are released gradually and thus they exert a deeper effect in the subcutaneous tissue.

It is recommended:

  • in twists, sprains and fractures
  • for rheumatic deformities of the wrists and toes
  • after bone fractures
  • for cuts, bruises and insect bites

Instruction for Gavez gel

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