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Dr Plant Panthenol Solution 5% 125ml

Panthenol Solution contains dexpanthenol which is been transformed in human body to pantothenic acid, known as vitamin B5.

Coenzyme A is the active form of pantothenic acid in human body. And it has the key role in providing the normal function of skin, hair and nails. By enhancing the process of cell division it helps natural skin regeneration as well as it increases the speed of damaged skin healing.

Panthenol solution protects skin, provides benefitial humidity and it balances the natural PH value of the skin.

It performs calming and anti-inflammatory action. It decreases redness and skin irritation, especially after sun exposure. Panthenol solution is designed for all ages and all skin types. Dissoluted with Purifeid water ( recommended ratio 1:5) it has been used to rinse mucosa and damaged skin.


Rinsing and coating of wounds, injuries and burns, as well as in treatment of inflammated skin and mucosa
It is involved in damaged and coloured hair care, it stimulates hair growth and brings shine back
Boosting and energizing of chemically treated hair
Compounding of inhalation solutions as it decreases the inflammation of the upper respiratory tract
After excessive sun exposure, as it decreases the discomforts caused by sun
After treatment in solarium, when skin needs intensive regeneration
After shaving or hair removal (depilation or epilation)

It is recommended for:

Skin care and protection.

Instruction for Panthenol Solution 

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