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BURRA SUN Face Cream SPF 50+, 100ml

BURЯA SUN Face Cream SPF 50+ has a light, non-greasy composition that provides reliable skin protection from UVA and UVB rays, thanks to the mineral and organic UV filters it contains. It also offers effective protection against harmful IR-A rays provided by the presence of mountain cranberry stem cell extract in the product.

BURЯA Sun Face Cream SPF 50+ features:

  • Composition ideal for sensitive facial skin
  • High degree of UVA / UVB / IR-A protection for all skin phototypes
  • light, non-greasy texture that is quickly absorbed without leaving any white traces on the skin
  • waterproof formulation
  • presence of ectoin that protects against photoaging by achieving an anti-age effect
  • presence of a “SPF booster” that increases the efficiency of the UV filters present
  • absence of parabens
  • Titanium dioxide (encapsulated) – mineral UVA / UVB filter
  • Octocrylene – an organic UVB filter that protects partially from one part of the UVA spectrum
  • Octinoxate – Organic UVB filter
  • Avobenzone – organic UVA filter
  • Mountain cranberry stem cell extract that provides efficient IR-A protection
  • An innovative polymer that provides waterproofness
  • Vitamin E
  • Shea butter
  • “SPF booster”
  • Ectoine

BURЯA Sun Face Cream SPF 50+ has a high protection against UVA / UVB and IR-A and intensively hydrates the skin, so it is recommended as an ideal sunscreen for all skin phototypes.

By combining mineral and organic filters, as well as the cranberry stem cell extract, BURЯA Sun Face Cream SPF 50+ provides a wide spectral effect of protection against UV and IR-A.

Titanium dioxide is an efficient mineral filter incorporated in the preparation, where it provides protection against UVB and UVA radiation. Unlike the classic sunscreen that contains it, in BURЯA® SUN face cream it is coated with a special technological procedure product so optimum protection has been achievede, without leaving any white trace on the skin after application.

Organic filter formulations (avobenzone, octocrylene and octinoxate) contribute to higher SPF product values and a complete UVA skin protection.

The mountain cranberry steam cells extract (lat. Vaccinium vitis-idaea) enhances the natural antioxidant response of the cells to IR radiation, reduces the inflammation of the skin caused by UVB radiation and exhibits a direct antioxidant effect, because it contains a high percentage of powerful natural antioxidants – polyphenols. The topical application of the preparation based on the mountain cranberry steam cells extract leads to rejuvenation and the prevention of cell damage caused by the effects of UVB and IR-A rays (such as dehydration, skin roughness, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, loss of strength, volume and elasticity).

The ectoin in the preparation has the role of the skin protector from high temperatures, high salt concentrations and strong UV radiation because it has the potential to form a specific protective hydrofilm on the skin. It hydrates, soothes the skin and regulates its barrier function, protecting it from photoaging.

BURЯA  SUN Face Cream SPF 50+ has a waterproof formulation achieved by adding a highly hydrophobic polymer that allows the product to remain on the skin while standing in the water, as well as after leaving the water, provided that the face is not wiped with the towel. The waterproofness of the preparation is reflected in the fact that 97% of declared SPF values are maintained under these conditions up to 80 minutes after water immersion.

Recommended for:

  • Face skin protection from UVA, UVB and IR-A rays
  • Skin care and hydration
  • Photoaging prevention
  • Children and adults

Instruction for use BURЯA® SUN Face Cream SPF 50+

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