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Imunobeta glucane syrup

Imunoβeta β-glucane syrup contains beta-D-glucane isolated from the oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) and vitamin C.

This combination is ideal for improving the immune response and defence action against viruses, bacteria, fungi and all other micro-organisms and toxins threatening to human health.

It is recommended in case of weakened immunity, frequent infections of respiratory tract and chronic inflammations and it has a favourable action on reducing the level of overall and LDL-cholesterol, normalizing of glycaemia.

Comfortable dosing and nice taste ensure the application of Imunoβeta β-glucane syrup in children.

  • Beta-D-glucane isolated from the oyster mushroom (Pleurotus Ostreatus)
  • vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid)

β-glucane has numerous beneficial effects on human health. This natural polysaccharide belongs to the group called “immune response modifiers”.

Macrophages (immune cells) are the first line of the body’s defense against all disease agents, because they have the ability to recognize and eliminate foreign bodies, while beta glucane stimulates the immune system by activating macrophages.

  It is useful after surgical procedures as supplement to the antibiotic treatment, for faster healing of wounds, as well as in case of exposure to different types of radiation.

Vitamin C is the most important water-soluble antioxidant and a powerful reducing agent. It contributes to the proper function of the immune system, protects cells from oxidative stress and reduces fatigue and exhaustion.

Imunoβeta β-glucane syrup is recommended as help in:

  • weakened immunity
  • virus and bacteria infections
  • increased stress, fatigue and exhaustion

Instruction for Imunobeta glucane syrup

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