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Betavitevit® Brewer’s -Yeast with Coenzim Q10

Betavitevit® Brewer’s – Yeast enriched with Coenzim Q10 is dietary supplement containing brewer’s- yeast and Coenzim Q10. Coenzim Q10 that is this product’s ingredient is manufactured by well recognized Japanese manufacturer during yest fermentation process and is biologically total equialent with coenzim Q10 that is produced in humans body, and is necessary for cell functioning energy generating process. Decrease in Coezim Q10 level after age of 35 affects especially ogans that needs the hihgest amount of energy for functioning: heart, lungs, liver, kidneys. Coenzim Q10 is powerful antioxidant that protects cells from free radicals’ negative effects.


Brewer’s -Yeast, Coenzim Q 10

It is recommended:

  • For making aging process slower and for immunity boosting at persons older than 35.
  • For chronic tiredness
  • For athletes
  • For persons with cardiac disorders
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