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Shape Up Whey protein panna cotta taste is an ideal food supplement for sportsmen, thanks to its rich source of essential amino acids, that come from 100% whey proteins. It is an irreplaceable source of proteins before and after physical activity, because at that time the muscles are most prone to degradation and need extra energy and nutrients supply. Whey proteins, as the most valuable food source, have the greatest biological availability and the key role in body detoxification. They are necessary for active men and women, especially those who want to increase their muscle mass, and they can also be used as protein food supplement. Besides, they are necessary for right and fast recovery after exercise because they boost immunity.

One dose contains 30g of protein.

  • Whey protein concentrate
  • Panna cotta aroma

Whey proteins are the richest source of BCAA amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine, which have a beneficial role in muscle tissue growth and represent 1/3 of the muscle tissue. They also keep the glycogen reserves in the muscles from extra degradation during physical activity.  BCAA amino acids are of utmost importance for sportsmen, because they metabolize in the muscles much more than in the liver, which contributes to faster muscle formation. After the proteins degrade to individual amino acids, they can be used for further synthesis of new proteins, as well as an energy “fuel”. Besides the high level of BCAA, Shape Up Whey protein contains high level of glutamine, an amino acid that is of vital importance for the muscle formation. It is rich in antibodies, known as immunoglobulins, which boost the immune system and make sportsmen more resistant and ready for hard and tiring exercise.

It is recommended:

  • For persons who are physically active, for strengthening and formation of muscle mass
  • For stronger immunity and faster recovery of the body after exercise
  • As a protein food supplement, in conditions when protein intake is low
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