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Propomel drops for adults, oral solution 30ml

Propomel drops for adults contain extract of organic propolis standardised to a minimum od 25% total polyphenoles (polyphenolic complex of quercetin, apigenin, pinobanxin, chrysin, pinocembrin and galangin). It is recomended for adults, in prevention of cold, flu, upper respiratory infections, and other conditions followed by fever and weakness.

Propomel drops help to strenghten immunity and they are also recomended for external use, in reparation of skin damage. 


Ingredients: ethanol, purified water, liquid hydroalcoholic extract of organic propolis. 

Standardized extract of propolis fully expresses all positive effects of this bee product on the human body. As it is rich in medicinal ingredients, it represents natural protection against harmful effects of free radicals and infections of all types, whether they are caused by bacteria, virus or fungus. For the purpose of strengthening the entire immune system, it is the best nature can offer, which is supported by clinical trials proving for several particular antibiotics to be more effective when taken with propolis than when applied alone. Propolis can be a potential allergen, but by using standardized extracts, the possibility of allergic reactions is minimized.

It is recommended:

  • At upper respiratory tract infections, cold, flu and other conditions that are followed by fever and weakness
  • To improve immunity
  • To provide relief of gums, oral mucosa, throat and larynx discomfort symptoms
  • In stress conditions and exaustion
  • In everyday use
  • For external use, for smaller skin damages

For internal use: 3 times a day, drink 10-15 drops dissolved in half a glass of water or drip onto a sugar cube or a teaspoon of honey and that gently dissolve in mouth. 

For rinsing: 3-4 times a day, rinse the mouth/throat with 10-20 drops dissolved in half a glass of water. 

Instruction for Propomel for adults

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