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Oto Perfect Aqua Clean

Oto Perfect Aqua Clean is formulated on the basis of hydrogen peroxide, so it can be used as an efficent ear canal rinse aid, ear wax softener and removal agent, as well as in ceruminous plug formation.

By using Oto Perfect Aqua Clean ear spray solution, the outer canal is cleaned, it eliminates discomfort and reduces the risk of infection.

  • Stabilized hydrogen peroxide

In contact with the skin, hydrogen peroxide releases nascent oxygen, causing an effervescence that mechanically fragments ear wax. It also has an antiseptic effect and is therefore used to prevent external ear infection.

Oto Perfect Aqua Clean is used:

    • To maintain ear hygiene
    • In people with a natural tendency to over-produce cerumen
    • To remove the ceruminous plug
    • For people who wear hearing aids or often wear headphones
    • To clean the ear just before administering the auricular medicines

Instruction manual Oto Perfect Aqua Clean

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