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Melem® Ethno medicine burns treatment

Melem® Ethno medicine burns treatment based on its unique composition prevents scar occurence and decreases burns symptoms (redness, swelling, pain).

It provides burned skin fast cure and revitalization; it has shown significant results in the treatment of: small wounds, cuts, blisters and caluses.

Because of its regenerative and ani-inflammatory properties it helps at purulent processes and improves wound healing.


  • Thymiana
  • Marigold Oil (Calendulae Oleum)
  • Elder Tree Oil (Sambucus nigra oil)
  • Olive Oil, Bee Wax
  • Cetaceum
  • Vitamin E

Mechanism of action:

Thymiana is resin traditionally used as natural antiseptic; it helps in pain reduction.

Elder Tree Oil (Sambucus Nigra Oleum) and Marigold Oil (Calendulae oil) perform an anti-inflammatory activity, prevent swelling, while Calendulae Oleum also helps skin regeneration.

Natural waxes that are melem’s constituents provide emmolient effects, olive oil and vitamin E act as anti-oxidants and UV protection.

It is recommended:

  • Before and after exposure to Sun , as prevention from sunburns occurence
  • At sunburns treatment
  • At dry and humid burns (steam, oils)
  • As burns that are caused by certain chemical agents
  • At small wounds, cuts, blisters caused by friiction, calluses
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