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An isotonic solution for rinsing the nose and the eyes, sterile, in ampoules.

Marisol Sterile is a sterile physiological solution that does not contain preservatives and, by its composition and pH concentration, corresponds to physiological values. It is intended for everyday hygiene of the nose and the eyes of babies, children and adults. As nose and eye hygiene is particularly important for newborns, Marisol Sterile is designed to be easily used on the baby’s small nostrils and a sensitive area around the eye. It is packed in individual doses, which is easier to use, more hygienic and reliable.

Sterile sodium chloride solution 0,9%

Marisol Sterile and nose hygiene:
Marisol Sterile moisturizes the nasal mucosa and has the ability to re-establish the physiological function of the cilia.
When the cilia perform their function, they ensure the removal of impurities entering the nasal passage through the air, and the adequate moisture of the nasal mucosa allows for a good mucociliary clearance and the elimination of all particles inhaled by a child, as well as of potential infectives, among others.

Marisol Sterile and hygiene of eyes and eyelids:
Marisol Sterile maintains the moisture of the eyes and eyelids, and helps to clean them.

Marisol Sterile and nose hygiene:

  • for cleaning and moisturizing the mucous membrane of the nasal canal for the purpose of daily hygiene or in case of a cold
  • for removing the excess mucus, impurities and irritant substances from the nasal canal and for maintaining unobstructed breathing in the case of a stuffy nose and increased secretion

 Marisol Sterile and hygiene of eyes and eyelids:

  • for cleaning and keeping the eyes and eyelids moisturized
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