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Khan Tiger cream gel 200ml

Khan tiger cream gel contain essential oils of eucalyptus and clove, as well as menthol, camphor and methyl salicylate, active ingredients that are traditionally used in the treatment of chronic degenerative joint and musculoskeletal disorders. It is recommended for rheumatic disorders, lumbago, neuralgia and stiffness, as well as in sprains, twists and strains caused by sports or recreational activities.

Thanks to the gel substrate cream, the Khan Tiger Cream Gel can be applied to all parts of the body, including cosmetics and exposed parts, leaving no greasy traces.

  • Essential oils of eucalyptus
  • Essential oils of clove
  • menthol
  • camphor
  • methyl salicylate

Khan tiger cream gel  is formulated based on essential oils of eucalyptus and clove, menthol and camphor, active ingredients that are traditionally used to assist degenerative and inflammatory joint and musculoskeletal disorders. By synergistic effects, these active principles improve circulation and vasodilation at the site of the application, which results in better blood circulation, pain and swelling relief, as well as with increased mobility of the treated tissue. Clove has the effect of mild natural anesthetic, while the menthol pleasantly cools the skin and thus relieves the feeling of tingling, which can occur due to improved circulation.

This formulation is enriched with methyl salicylate, which contributes to the relief of pain in rheumatic disorders, lumbago, neuralgia and stiffness. Methyl salicylate is isolated from evergreen oil, has an intense smell and applied to the skin leads to hyperemia (increased blood flow to the skin). Methyl salicylate is an irritant and natural analgesic, which locally enhances circulation and relieves pain.

Thanks to good absorption through the skin and high concentrations of the active ingredients at the target site, the products calm the inflammatory process, boost blood circulation, thereby providing a pleasant feeling of warmth and relaxation of the muscles.

Recommended for:

  • pains
  • rheumatic troubles
  • slow peripheral circulation
  • sport injuries

Instruction for use Khan Tiger cream gel

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