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Glucosamin complex gel

Glucosamin complex gel contains a combination of 4 basic principles that are used to assist in difficult and painful joint movements: glucosamine sulfate, hondroin sulfate, MSM and hyaluronic acid, which are important for the recovery and formation of cartilage, joint movements and their regeneration. By joint action, they contribute to cartilage restoration, preservation and improvement of joint movement, as well as their regeneration. 

  • glucosamine sulfate
  • hondroin sulfate
  • MSM
  • Hyaluronic acid

Glucosamine contributes to the formation and regeneration of cartilage. Glucoseamine sulfate stimulates the incorporation of sulfur into cartilage and synovial fluid and thus promotes joint flexibility and allows tighter joining between the joint bones.

Hondroitin sulfate enters the cartilage composition and contributes to its preservation by absorbing water into the connective tissue, strengthening its flexibility and pressure resistance.

MSM – methyl sulfonyl methane affects the strength and stability of the connective tissue, helps the function of the joints and is a source of sulfur that is of great importance to the bones. MSM affects the increase of synovial fluid in the joints and protects the cartilage from damage.

Hyaluronic acid is involved in cartilage construction. In chronic inflammatory processes (osteoarthritis), hyaluronic acid degradation and cartilage damage occur. The hyaluronic acid lubricates and maintains a healthy function of the joints, making the cartilage between the bonesto be more elastic.

Recommended for following uses:

  • to assist with damaged and painful joints
  • to improve mobility and elasticity of the joints
  • for difficult movement
  • for rebuilding and regenerating cartilage
  • for older people
  • for the athletes to protect the joints from damage and faster recovery after injury
  • for preservation of healthy joints, bones, tendons and ligaments
  • In case of increased load on the joints (heavy physical work, sport, excess weight)

Instruction for use Glucosamin gel

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