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Gasimetin simethicon 125mg powder for direct application

Gasimetin® powder for oral administration is a medical device that contains simethicone, a substance that mechanically breaks down gas bubbles that are in the gastrointestinal tract. Under the influence of simethicone, the bubbles group together to form a free gas which is then more easily eliminated.

One of the most common manifestations of excess gas in the digestive tract is a feeling of heaviness and pressure in the abdomen immediately after a meal. Excess gas, if it is not caused by a disease, occurs mainly due to inadequate eating habits. Certain foods can cause gas to a greater extent, as well as aerophagia (swallowing air) and stress.

  • Reduces symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders that can be attributed to the presence of gas (flatulence, flatulence, feeling of tension / bloating in the stomach, belching)
  • The direct form enables quick and comfortable application, on any occasion, without the use of liquid
  • 1 sachet (1 dose) contains 125 mg simethicone, clinically proven efficacy
  • It can be used safely in parallel with most medications and supplements
  • Pleasant lemon flavor
  • 1 sachet (1 dose) contains 125 mg simethicone, clinically proven efficacy
  • Lemon aroma

The active substance in Gasimetin®, simethicone, effectively relieves the symptoms of excessive accumulation of gas in the intestines. Since it has no systemic action and is not known to interact, it is considered completely safe to use. Pregnant and breastfeeding women can also use it after consulting a doctor.

It is recommended

  • To reduce tension in the stomach
  • Symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders attributable to flatulence (flatulence, flatulence, feeling tense / bloated, belching)

Way of use:

Adults and children over 12 years of age can use one sachet of Gasimetin® powder for oral administration with 125 mg of simethicone 3 times a day, during or after a meal. It can also be used in the evening before going to bed, or as needed, taking care not to exceed the recommended doses.

The contents of the sachet should be dissolved directly in the mouth and swallowed. After use, you can drink a little water, if desired.

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