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Burra Dermalift volume up cream

BURЯA Dermalift volume up cream for the neck, cleavage and breasts represents an anti-aging treatment for the care and regeneration of mature skin of the neck, cleavage and breasts. It rejuvenates the skin of the neck intensively and ensures a long-lasting lifting effect, thus delaying invasive treatments. The innovative formula increases the volume of the breasts, nourishes skin, acting as an antioxidant in accordance with the physiological needs of the skin.

Owing to the action of the active components and high antioxidant effect on the skin, the active principles penetrate all layers of the skin – without needles! Then the regeneration process gradually begins, in particular on the skin of the neck, on the cellular and intracellular level. After application of the cream, the skin quickly gets the desired elasticity, becomes stronger and tighter.


  • Leontopodium Alpinum Callus Culture Extract
  • Palmitoyl Isoleucine
  • marula
  • dermaliftargan oils

The cream contains the active principle, which is based on the stem cells of the plant Edelweiss (Leontopodium Alpinum Callus Culture Extract), the extract obtained by the so-called HTN technology in glycolic suspension, without the presence of preservatives.

Owing to its high antioxidant effects, the active component Majestem extracted from the Edelweiss provides visible results of the lifting effect on the sagging skin of the face, neck, cleavage and breasts and of Palmitoyl isoleucine, which tightens the skin of the face and cleavage.

These active ingredients protect the skin from oxidative stress (air pollution, UV radiation), encourage the regeneration of skin cells, provide strength and vigor since they ensure better production of collagen and elastic fibers protecting the integrity of the skin. Unlike mechanical methods in cosmetic procedures, Dermalift volume up cream accelerates the renewal of cellular structures, while the replaced stimulation of production of synthesis of collagen and elastin enhances skin tightening effect, providing much better long-term results than individual invasive surgical methods.

  • it visibly reduces wrinkles and improves the skin tonus
  • it encourages the regeneration of the skin of the face, neck, cleavage and breasts
  • it increases breast volume
  • it is intended for sensitive skin as well
  • it provides a long-term hydration effect
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