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ApiPulmint syrup

ApiPulmint syrup contains a combination of herbal ingredients which help against productive cough and all conditions which accompany airway mucosa inflammation.

The primrose root extract stimulates excretion of bronchial phlegm, dilutes dense bronchial secretion and facilitates expectoration.

  • liquid extract of primrose root
  • thyme tincture
  • ethanol extract of propolis

The thyme tincture has antiseptic action, while the propolis extract fortifies the defensive ability and immunity of the body.

Natural bee honey supplements the therapeutical effect of the syrup and gives it a very pleasant taste.



  • helps in expectoration and in cases of upper airways inflammation
  • contributes to immunity strengthening
  • as a supplement to the daily energy needs of the body in states of exhaustion

Instruction for use ApiPulmint syrup

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