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Gavez gel

Gavez gel is product containing Comfrey Root Extract (Symphytum Officinalis Radix Extractum) with its specific compounds that ensure successful aplication of this gel at sprains, strains and injuries of different ethiology.

Symphutum officinale is well known as an anti-inflammatory agent with high efficacy, so this gel is proved as helpful at cuts, bruises, insect bites treatment.

Symphytum Officinalis Radix Extract.

Botanists emphasise Symphytum officinale property to enchance bone fracture healing, and that is why Gavez gel is recommended and used after bone fractures .

Gel excipient has been formulated carefully, thus Gavez gel can be applied smootly, having active ingredients released deep into the subcutaneous tissue.


It is recommended:

  • at joint sprains and joint dislocations
  • at rheumatic deformations of hand and foot joints
  • after bone fractures
  • at cuts, bruises and insect bites
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