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EsenBak Probiotik

This strength and combination of probiotic strains provide optimum colonization of the digestive tract and protection against harmful, pathogenic bacteria. Lyophilized probiotic strains contained in EsenBak Probiotik are resistant to gastric acid and they demonstrate their positive effect by lining the intestines.

EsenBak Probiotik is enriched with a prebiotic agent inulin. Prebiotics are indigestible fibres which selectively stimulate the growth and activity of probiotics and serve as their food. Inulin, the most renowned prebiotic, is a natural polysaccharide with a positive effect on the gut flora and health of the digestive system.

• SynBalance LA 200B (L.Acidophilus)
• SynBalance LP 500B (L.Plantarum)
• SynBalance BLg 100B (B.Longum)
• SynBalance LRh 300B (L.Rhamnosus)
• SynBalance BB 300B (B.Breve)
• Inulin

EsenBak Probiotik is a highly concentrated formulation of 5 specific probiotic strains with 7.5 billion CFU lyophilized probiotic bacteria in one capsule.


When is using EsenBak Probiotik recommended?

• with conditions of diarrhoea
• during and after the use of antibiotics
• with all situations of gut flora imbalance

Use: Adults and children over the age of 3 – 1 capsule a day.

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