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100% Whey proteins

Thanks to its rich source of essential amino acids, Shape Up Whey protein is an ideal dietary supplement for athletes. It is a necessary and irreplaceable source of proteins prior to and after exercise, as this is when muscles are most susceptible to degradation and they need additional nurturing.

Available in two flavors: Raspberry and Panna Cotta



  • Whey proteins
  • flavouring

Shape Up Whey protein has been produced in accordance with high standards and contains only the natural amino acids extracted from 100% whey proteins.

The whey proteins are the richest source of BCAA amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine which have an important role in building up the muscle tissue, i.e. they stand for 1/3 of the muscle tissue. At the same time, they preserve the glycogen reserves in the muscles from excessive degradation during the physical efforts. BCAA amino acids have enormous significance for athletes, as they are metabolized in the muscles far more often than in the liver, which contributes to fast nutrition and development of muscles. After the protein has been dissolved into individual amino acids, they can be used again to create new proteins, as well as “fuel” for the energy production.

Besides the high level of BCAA, Shape Up Whey protein contains a high level of glutamine, an amino acid which has vital importance for the development of muscles.
Glutamine shows amazing results in physically active persons, particularly those who wish to increase their muscle mass and reduce the body fat. It affects increase of cell volume and, as a result, of muscles as well. Moreover, glutamine is extremely important for proper and quick recovery after exercise, as it supports the immunity.

• High level of BCAA and glutamine proteins
• Low caloric value
• Excellent solubility
• Contributes to strengthening and development of muscles
• For a stronger immunity and faster recovery of the body after the exercise

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